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Umbrella Insurance

Have you ever worried about what you would do if your dog bit someone while on your property, or if someone had an accident in your home? What if you were at fault in a car accident and your insurance didn't cover medical treatment for a victim in the accident?

Situations like these are why umbrella liability insurance exists. An umbrella policy picks up where your homeowners or automotive insurance policies leave off, for additional coverage, often up to a million dollars or more.

Comprehensive Umbrella Policies

Umbrella liability policies cover reimbursement of expenses and legal fees. If someone needs expensive medical treatment or sues you in court, such a policy could prevent you losing your assets, including your home, your savings, and your income. As you can imagine, an umbrella insurance policy can give you great peace of mind.

An umbrella policy offers broad coverage, meaning it not only covers you, but all family members living in your household, including your spouse, no matter where in the world they are.

You don't want your future to be compromised by an incident that exceeds your regular insurance policies. Contact us to discuss what umbrella policy is right for you. We can help you get the right coverage in place.